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Auto Accidents

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FACT: Symptoms may not show up for months, or even years, following a whiplash injury.

FACT: Up to 45% of the victims of whiplash will have long-term pain.

FACT: The most common symptoms following whiplash are neck pain, neck stiffness, shoulder pain, headache, pain between the shoulder blades, back pain, numbness and tingling, arm or leg pain or weakness, dizziness, lightheadedness.

FACT: Most rear-end impact crashes occur at 6-12 miles per hour.

FACT: Cars can crash at speeds of up to 8-9 miles per hour, and sometime higher, without visible damage.

FACT: Injury to the neck occurs at collision speeds of 5 miles per hour.  A car can crash at nearly twice this speed without showing any damage.

FACT: Most cars are equipped with 5 miles per hour rated bumpers.  When two cars crash at 10 miles per hour, there may be no visible damage to the cars.

FACT: There is no scientific basis for calculating the injury to the passengers of vehicles based on the damage to the vehicle.

FACT: Passengers of striking vehicles were injured only slightly less frequently than passengers of struck vehicles.

FACT: Most rear-end crashes occur during daylight hours.  Most happen during rush hour traffic on straight, flat, dry sections of road.

FACT: Injuries from a rear-end crash are worse than injuries from a side, or head-on crash.

FACT: Smaller cars are less safe than larger cars.  A passenger in a small car, that crashes into another car that is 50% larger, will have 2-5 times the risk of death.

FACT: Your head is subjected to 2.5 times the acceleration of your car in rear impact collisions.

FACT: Headrests only slightly reduce the risk of injury in whiplash.

FACT: Seat belts and shoulder harnesses increase the risk of injury to the neck in low speed crashes.

FACT: The most common injuries reported from airbags are to the eyes.

FACT: 37% of whiplash victims suffer Temporomandibular joint (TMJ jaw joint) disorders.

FACT: Post-concussion syndrome may develop days, or even weeks after whiplash injuries.  Symptoms include: headaches, fatigue, dizziness, poor concentration, and disturbed vision.

FACT: Attention and memory of whiplash victims may be affected up to two years following the injury.

FACT: Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) may not develop for up to 6 months after a whiplash injury.

FACT: May insurance companies have full time utilization review staff who, in order to cut costs, cancel orders for tests and procedures even though ordered by a doctor.




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