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Welcome To Back to Health Chiropractic & Natural Health Care 

At Back To Health, we take great pride in providing the finest chiropractic wellness care to our patients, giving them the freedom to move and fully appreciate the awesome gift that is our bodies!  We provide comprehensive pain management that reduces reliance on medications and prevents surgery.

We have been practicing in Charleston, Illinois for over twenty years, and are proud to be the official team chiropractor for Eastern Illinois University Athletics.  Schedule your FREE consultation today!

"One of the greatest rewards of serving in Charleston, is the privilege of working with the elite athletes at Eastern Illinois University. (Pictured from left to right: Dr. Todd Garner, DO, Dr. Charlie Schuster, DC, Jimmy Garoppolo, New England Patriots) Surrounding myself with these quality individuals, and the exceptional sports medicine staff, has always helped me grow both clinically and as a person.  When people ask me what I'm most dedicated to, my reply is easy...  Faith, Family, and Chiropractic.  When it comes to chiropractic, I'm most proud of being the team chiropractor for "Tony Romo's old school".  The truth is that there are many Tony Romo's who might not get their chance to succeed if injury sidelines them.  When treating elite athletes, its not enough to treat the injuries.  We have to prevent them.  These same principals are what drive our private practice as well.  Enough about us!  Let us know how we can help you achieve your health goals.  Live Long Live Well!"

 Dr.Charlie Schuster

Charleston Chiropractor | Back to Health Chiropractic & Natural Health Care | 217-345-9600

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Meet Dr. Schuster

Today, my mission is quite clear: "Live Long. Live Well".

  • Dr.
    Charles Schuster

    I want everyone to experience the renewed youth that Chiropractic Care can offer. One of my favorite quotes regarding health refers to the fact that some people seek miracles for their health which would defy the laws of nature and yet they take for granted the fact that their bodies automatically obey the laws in the first place. This is the greatest miracle in all of health care.

    I believe that you and your family were created to have the most and best of life. I am here to facilitate those who want to take that opportunity. Applying Chiropractic adjustments to the various joints of the spine and extremities results in specific and powerful effects on the nervous system. Those that have tried it, know exactly what I am talking about.

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  • "The adjustments on my back and knee have dramatically improved the quality of my life. Over the course of my visits, Dr. Schuster has improved other undiagnosed health conditions. Now I feel substantially better! Highly recommended!"
    Alex O. / Charleston, IL

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